Website still broken, but URL fixed!

Thank you with all my heart to everyone who sent me gift cards and items on my wishlist, to help me cover household expenses and necessities like toilet paper and RV repair parts, things that aren’t covered by my food stamps benefits and continue to be expenses. I still have no income and fight and wait year after year for Social Security Disability Income. I’m waiting on district court proceedings with my disability lawyer, and no idea when I will hear anything.

I moved my domain name over to GoDaddy, who are more than happy to set up forwarding to this free WordPress blog, so my URL works again!

Unfortunately as soon as I fix one thing, five more fall apart. I’ve been consumed by trying to learn to repair my laptop, phone, and RV—as well as dealing with hiccups in getting my medication and an issue with my food stamps. With these ongoing costs and in spite of auctioning off everything I can live without, I’m still struggling financially. gift cards in any denomination, or any items on my wishlist, are still enormously helpful and appreciated.

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